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Guardian Down Cast

Welcome to the Guardian Down Cast...we're two dads that love everything in the Destiny Universe and we talk about it...

Jan 6, 2020

We are a couple of dads who love all things in the Destiny Universe and we talk about it...join Gatr and Hazel as we interview community members and content creators, discuss all things Destiny and have a great time hanging out!  We also catch up on the week in entertainment, answer community GDC Discord Server and GDC Twitter questions and add two songs each to our Guardian Down Cast playlist on Spotify and don't forget the bonus outtakes after the ending show music...

This week's guest is a long time community member and overall, very cool person to hang out with...LanaBoBana92

We hear her story and talk about what has changed for the better in Destiny 2 from Destiny 1 and much more...for any questions or comments, you can email us at

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