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Guardian Down Cast: A Destiny 2 Podcast

Welcome to the Guardian Down Cast...we're two dads that love everything in the Destiny Universe and we talk about it...

Mar 23, 2020

We're a couple of dads that love the Destiny Universe and we talk about it...this week, we talk with our friend of the show, Cyn...he's a fantastic community leader, podcaster, proud papa and has a love for Destiny like we do.  We hear his story, catch up on the week in HOME entertainment and gaming, review the TWAB and give our impressions of Season of the Worthy...we also add two songs each to our Guardian Down Cast playlist on Spotify and now iTunes .  Finally, we answer community questions from our Guardian Down Cast Discord server and Guardian Down Cast Twitter and don't forget the outtakes at the end of the show!  





Listen to their podcast:

Guardian Hub Podcast

G_A_T_R's YouTube Channel