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Guardian Down Cast: A Destiny 2 Podcast

Welcome to the Guardian Down Cast...we're two dads that love everything in the Destiny Universe and we talk about it...


We're two dads that love this crazy game we call Destiny and we discuss the latest news every week.  We also interview Destiny Community members to find out more about them...their story, love of video games, and what brought them to Destiny.  We also have a weekly fast-fire segment we call The SpeedRun where our guests have to answer questions as quickly as they can from a randomized list of 125 questions.  At the end of the year, the guest with the most questions answered in the 60 seconds allotted will win a cool prize.  We also answer questions directed at us or our guest from Twitter, Speakpipe and our Discord channel and finally, we add two songs each to our Guardian Down Playlist on Spotify and iTunes.  Don't forget the crazy outtakes at the end of the show!

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